Contract / Regulations

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1. A security deposit is required to reserve a date for an event.

The amount of deposit is based on the space that is reserved. (Minimum Main Hall deposit $500.00)
Wedding Receptions & Saturday Events Security Deposit: $900.00 Minimum Deposit.
$2500.00 for use of Entire Hall only
All Saturday events & wedding receptions require an additional $900.00 deposit 6 months prior.

2. A security deposit only secures the date of an event, not a specific room, nor any of the prices for the date booked.

SECURITY DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, although will be subtracted from the final invoice.

3. Complete menus must be selected to avoid a hall rental. (Check with management for further details.)

4. If a secured date must be changed, arrangements must be made at least one year prior to the originally scheduled date.

5. A guaranteed minimum number of guests is required upon acceptance of a security deposit. This guaranteed number will assure enough space for your event, therefore, accuracy is important. Please note all rooms have different maximum capacities.

*  Minimum of 75 People for any event.** Sun-Thurs **Minimum 100 People for Friday events
*  Minimum of 700 People for Use of Entire Hall.
• Saturday Events – 
Minimum of 150 People for Use of Main Hall.
• Saturday Events – 
* Under 150 people subject to additional rental charges.

6. A rental fee will be charged if your event requires more space than needed in relation to your guaranteed number of guests. Check with management for further details.

7. Any rented items different than what is provided, including linens, chair back covers, chairs, tables, etc. must be approved or rented through Mr. Anthony’s. Decorations to walls, ceilings, etc., may be subject to extra charges. Mr. Anthony’s reserves the right to determine the volume levels of any entertainment provided for events.

8. Mr. Anthony’s requests a copy of the invitation for your event stating the official starting time prior to your event.

9. Overtime rental charges apply to any event requiring use of the hall over four hours charged at $600 per hour ($300 per 1/2 hour). Special discounted rates for day events and seminars.

10. Menu choices must be selected 30 days prior to your event, prices will be guaranteed at this time.

11. The following services are provided by Mr. Anthony’s at no additional charge:
1) Cutting and serving of cake. 2) Traying of cookies for wedding receptions only  (cookies are to be brought in between 10-3 on the day before the reception – check with management for details). 3) Cake and cookie plates and napkins. 4) Linen skirting for bridal table, head table, etc.

12. Linen tablecloths & napkins are $2.95 per person (colors are available).

13. Centerpieces, consisting of a hurricane globe and candle in holder, are available for rental at $10.00 per table.

14. Security officers will be furnished by Mr. Anthony’s at a rate of $40.00 per hour. Events of 400 or more people require 2 officers.

15. Mr. Anthony’s will not be responsible for articles brought onto the premises which are lost or damaged.

16. The use of rice, confetti, or glitter is not permitted inside
or outside of the premises. All decorations, including floral arrangements and centerpieces, must be removed immediately following the event. An extra charge will be added if the hall is left damaged or extremely dirty.

17. All food and beverages (alcoholic & nonalcoholic), must be purchased through Mr. Anthony’s, excluding wedding cakes and cookies.

18. Mr. Anthony’s is not responsible for failure to perform due to weather, fire, or utility failure.

19. All vendors (and, photographer, etc.) that are attending your event must be included in your final count and seating.

20. Please note the amount of any extra food from your event is determined by the shortage of guests based on your final count only.

21. A total count is required 14 days prior to your event. The number given cannot decrease, nor be less than the number given on this contract. Additions to your count can usually be made up to 5 days in advance of your event. Final invoice will be based upon the last count given and cannot be changed. Total balance less deposit is due 5 days before the event. A Certified bank check is required. Credit cards – please add 3% to your total invoice.

Service Charge (22% Buffet / Additional 5% for Sit-Down) & Current Sales Tax are Added to Total Invoice.
All Prices are Subject to Change, Due to Fluctuating Food Costs.